Thursday, February 23, 2017

racial caste

Racial caste is society's way of putting people in a ranking system. An obvious example of racial caste we see today is Men higher than Women. Similarly another racial caste that exists in society today, some may argue not as extreme as before, is White people over all the other minorities. The minorities tend to get grouped in one big category but it is usually White Men, White Women, Men of a minority, Woman of a minority. However, with mass incarceration, we continue this racial caste. As discovered, the minorities, especially black people, make up most of the population in jails. Being a person in jail automatically puts you way below any rank in society since you are now considered a "criminal" or a "felon". But, since it is not legally and societally okay to say White people on top everyone on the bottom, a way to create this racial caste is by taking minorities and making them automatically part of the lowest class by making them "criminals". There are many rights that are taken away from felons: such as the ability to vote and jury service. These were rights that were taken away from blacks during the Jim Crow era, and are taken away now by mass incarnation. We are going in a circle and finding a way to make minorities, especially black people, "rightfully" the lowest class.

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